World-class Golf

Breathtaking locations, rugged beauty, the ultimate courses. New Zealand Golf & Travel was born. In a saturated market where golf tours were the primary focus, our challenge was to create a brand and digital experience that clearly communicated an all inclusive, premium end-to-end experience. This for the traveller passionate about not only golf, but equally excited about our beautiful country and its endless tourism experiences, fine dining, accommodation, education and coaching opportunities.

We developed a brand that took its inspiration from the contours of the New Zealand Landscape, with a colour palette of grey, copper and green to bring together a cohesive identity, unique to the market, yet modern and engaging with its simplicity. A balance of warm and cool tones to balances energy with professionalism.

A range of special finishes were used in the printed collateral, including copper foiling and varnishes to highlight the premium experience on offer. This has been especially important when presenting at international trade shows in positioning our golf market on the global stage.


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