Introducing Davy & Chapman


Today comes with a sense of pride and excitement about launching Davy & Chapman, our new creative agency. As you can imagine it takes a lot to get to this point, questioning, evaluation and sheer time and energy to really showcase who we are and what we stand for. One of the biggest challenging questions is ‘what is your point of difference’, what sets you apart from every other creative agency out there - well, for us, it’s our very personal approach, those relationships we have developed over time, the sheer determination to make sure you experience the very best and that we exceed your expectations - a personable approach - that’s what sets us apart.

Great design offers value for our clients, industry and economy and we want to work with those clients that appreciate that - it can’t work any other way. We show up each day full of inspiration and ideas and we continually challenge what resources will keep raising the bar for our body of work, which in turn gives you the best possible result.

We feel grateful that we have done, and will continue to do amazing work, experience involvement in great projects that really showcase our craft, hone our skills and of course continue to challenge us personally, professionally and creatively. It’s with an enormous sense of responsibility and pride in knowing we’re designing material that will be seen across New Zealand and the World and has an impact for our clients and their brands.

We can attribute our success to date and the ability to launch this agency by the amazing team that we surround ourselves with and the clients that allow us, and trust us to work with them, problem solve and explore the best creative solutions, tailored for them.

As creatives who are passionate about brand and the digital space and more importantly about what a clear strategic approach can deliver - we know that improved business performance comes from a strong brand, so if there is a project you would like to consider us for, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it’s scope and scale and your vision for what you want to achieve - you will very clearly see the point of difference we offer. Today is an opportunity to reaffirm that passion, placing our names to a creative agency that is different - it’s us and it’s personal.

We are Davy & Chapman.


m +64 21 808 225

The Steelworks, Studio 19, 13 Coles Avenue, Mt Eden,
Auckland, New Zealand

Davy & Chapman

45d Normanby Rd, Mount Eden
Auckland, New Zealand