A land of new beginnings

​Jake Dromgool is a man with entrepreneurial spirit and a unrivalled passion for Northland. A love for creating Northland as a world-class wine and cuisine destination and making young Northlanders excited about the potential for the region is at the very heart of creating 144 Islands. Wine critic and WineFriend’s Chief Tasting Officer, Yvonne Lorkin had to say; “Northland has a knack for turning out pinot gris with richness and tantalising creamy textures, and this is no exception.”

Davy & Chapman was engaged to create a brand that was fresh and reflected the soul and spirit of the northland region. We began the process of developing a brand story that reflected the essence of Jake’s vision and helped shape our approach to creating an identity that was classic, yet dynamic and had movement, mimicking the relationship from land to sea. Under-pinning the visual identity was the graphic render that we created of the iconic ‘Hole in the Rock’ and Cape Brett, with a north to south perspective, giving the identity instant recognition as being a Northland born brand.

As one of New Zealand’s star young viticulturists, we’re proud to have been involved in creating a brand with charm and sass and bringing a very personal vision to life. www.144islands.co.nz


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