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August 2015 will see an exciting new project come to life. Here are a couple of snapshots of various stages of an exciting new website, including photography and video production giving our client and their audience a fresh and powerful new user experience. Watch this space for further updates.

Brand. A powerful strategic tool

Davy & Chapman | Brand Presentation, Fiji 2015

As Co-founder and Creative Director of Davy & Chapman, I had the privilege of being invited to speak at a client conference in Fiji last week on brand, it’s importance to the success of their business, how their customers perceive them, and understanding the next steps to fully integrate the refreshed brand across all the touchpoints of their business.

Early 2014, we started initial discussions and began working with them to transition and refresh their logo and identity which had remained the same, visually for some 20 years. Our approach in this situation is always to understand the intricacies of their business; their vision, brand promise, key objectives and business drivers. Only after we had exhausted a list of questions and tackled the ‘Discovery’ work, was it time to look at their brand strategy in closer detail. After several discussions, in-depth meetings and conversations with various stakeholders and clients alike, It was time to prepare the new strategy, capturing the essence of who they are and what they offer to their clients. As a successful company in their own right, they recognised the need to revisit their brand, engage the experts and lay the foundation, understanding how important it was to the growth and future direction of the company. It was a chance to remind and excite their audience about what remained unique about them, why they remained a credible and trusted provider in their industry, so not only did it give the opportunity for their clients to connect on another level, but it provided a great foundation for them entering new markets and for those that had yet to experience their brand, their associated services and their distinct point of difference.

Central to any brand is how your audience feels about your company, product or service - that memorable experience, the emotion, the gut feeling. This feeling they experience is your brand. A current opinion is not to consider these people as ‘consumers’ but to consider them as ‘humans’. We are such a marketing driven society that sometimes we forget that we don’t like to be spoken to as ‘consumers’ but as ‘people’ that actually make informed and educated decisions - this forms genuine connections and relationships. We always need to ask the question: how do we want to engage with a brand?, what do we want that experience to be like?. I don’t want to be sold something, I want to buy something and experience a deeper level of engagement in doing so. I can be a real sucker for a great brand and that experience is always what I’m after, making it memorable and therefore making it a ‘no brainer’ to return time and time again.

I was excited! An amazing opportunity to talk about a topic that not only I’m extremely passionate about, but one that is clearly what Davy & Chapman is built on. What it does is constantly challenge my thinking; ‘thinking differently’ and excites and drives me. Sometimes when a topic excites you, you tend to try and cover as many exciting points as possible, but what I needed to do was clearly articulate the main points - get the basics right, express our passion and approach and get them engaged as an audience, to think, to react, to question and to challenge. In essence, understand what my audience wanted to know and why - that good old ‘What’s in it for me’ approach, taking a considered view on any topic or subject, but especially one that is at the heart of any successful business.

Brand has a lot of mystery about it. Often questions about where to start, are we doing it right, how do we define it, could we be doing it better, so it was an opportunity to really de-mystify ‘Brand’ and in simple terms explain why I believe its one of our most powerful strategic tools as a business. Whilst I had been preparing the conference presentation I was re-reading ‘The Brand Gap’ by Marty Neumeier and this influenced my approach considerably. Such a fantastic book that should be the ‘go-to’ for any business wanting to bridge that gap between logic and creativity.

As a creative agency we’ve certainly experienced clients that ‘get it’, that recognise the value that great creative offers their business, clear examples that it improves business performance but more importantly how their customers experience them as a company. An insights led and design driven approach is consistently proving successful for businesses, locally and abroad and really gives the opportunity to express their individuality, their point of difference - which is exciting to see! no matter what industry you represent, design has a place, an important place in your success and it should never, ever be under-estimated.

What Marty articulates is how to bridge the gap between business strategy and design. This is often one of the biggest challenges we face as ‘creatives’ or ‘creative agencies’ - talking to our clients about how important it is that strategic thinking under pins not only just the creative expression of their brand but all the brand touchpoints. We’re not just about typography, colour palettes and crafting beautiful creative - we’re passionate about truly understanding business and business thinking to ensure what is developed really addresses ultimately the pain points of their audience - their clients, their customers and what their current challenges are today and what they potentially look like tomorrow. Creative must have purpose! it must serve to make things easier for business to move ahead and when you have the fundamental thinking right, each step becomes easier to driving business success as you can align every decision back to the vision for the business.

Given it was one of my first ‘official’ speaking engagements, it was critical to distill key points, providing some clear action points on ‘how to’ and ‘what to do next’, manageable steps that serve as a guide to heading in the right direction. In my mind, it’s important as an agency partner to ‘keep it real and authentic’ for our clients.

Learning, growing and challenging yourself excites me and has reinforced my passion for strategic thinking, creative design and execution and re-affirmed my passion for my company and how we help those businesses that need support, advice, and a guiding expert in their field. I’m super excited about the future, doing something I love and helping others leverage this extremely powerful strategic tool, called ‘Brand’.

Celebrating heritage

One Tree Hill College | Celebrating 60 years

Over 7 years ago we were tasked with rebranding Penrose High School to One Tree Hill College. One clear objective of the creative brief was to retain the strong values and heritage that the school has established over its 53 year history. It was essential that the end result of this brand change be seen by the community as an evolution for the college, and not a new beginning. They wanted an identity that reflected a progressive, diverse and committed college that seeks to be the college of first choice in their community.

The renaming of the school, the exceptional property redevelopment taking place and the opportunity to evolve the brand all give cause for celebration. In their 60th year, One Tree Hill College once again engaged us in the development of a ‘special’ identity for their brand, one that reflected their progressive approach to education and their values of energy, vitality, multiculturalism and the heritage of the college. Celebrating 60 years is a significant milestone, so our approach was to combine both names, to give a sense of the past as well as the future. Simplicity and retaining their primary brand colours gives the identity presence and impact on a range of merchandise.

An Untouched World

The Untouched Pantry | Pure, Natural and Healthy

​Davy & Chapman was commissioned to design and develop a brand identity, full stationery suite, photography and an online store for The Untouched Pantry, committed to sharing the purest, natural, healthy, raw and organic products for its customers. Following comprehensive briefing sessions with the client, we settled on a vintage look and feel, yet with a modern sensibility.

A source of inspiration was old cooking product labels from the 60’s and vintage china tea patterns, what developed was a look and feel that the client loves and gives a definite point of difference in a very saturated ‘natural products’ market.

“Creating a new brand is never an easy process, but the team at Davy & Chapman guided us from the very beginning, ultimately creating a beautifully crafted brand identity and online experience for ourselves and our customers. Our reason for choosing them was feeling confident and comfortable with a team passionate about our business, experienced in developing a unique brand as well as offering practical advice with cutting edge creative, together with personable service and a caring approach for the end result.”

Joyful & Bright

​This year for our Christmas card we decided to add a little ‘gold’ foiling to add effect, feature our brand, and at the same time create some impact for our very own bespoke gift tags.

Visual Emotion

The power of great photography can never be under estimated. It stirs emotions within us, challenges our thinking, broadens our perspective, aids decision making and makes for a memorable experience. Photography is just one facet of creative that we pay special attention to when we create a brand and tell it’s story. A brand is simply not pretty pictures, but a story unfolding.

Photography: Mike Chapman | Davy & Chapman
Locations: Auckland Art Gallery, Las Vegas, Paris; France, Mt Maunganui.


​Whether you’re a die hard Apple fan or equally excited about any Android device, we are always impressed with the thinking and approach that Apple is known for. Beautifully crafted and engineered, but even more than that, their ability to think beyond the amazing! to really push the boundaries of design and the user experience. It’s an obvious interpretation, but Apple’s design-led approach and the ability to carve new and exciting pathways for its products are truly exciting, combine that with every aspect of their marketing and advertising and its a dreamy experience.

The same can be said about building a design-led culture, there must be an overwhelming sense of creative passion to forge ahead to make your brand a star in the eyes of your customers. It warrants the time, the energy and money to ensure your brand creates the perception you want.

Memorable experiences

​Featuring the stunning waterfront location of ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, we were tasked with creating a TVC for Auckland Conventions Venues & Events. Using existing video footage we created a compelling 15 second showcase of this incredible venue. Auckland Conventions Venues & Events offers New Zealand’s largest choice of venues for conventions, exhibitions and business events including the world class, architectural beauty of Auckland Art Gallery through to the legendary Auckland Town Hall. Nine exceptional venues providing an opportunity to make your next event a memorable one.

Be inspired

Inspiration begins with having a clear passion for what you do​ - it feeds the soul and is a constant source for creativity. Love this series of stories created by Porsche. When you think about it, it comes back to the basics: passion, trust, integrity and authenticity. For the launch of our new agency, we felt there was no better example!​ Click on the image below to take you to this series of great videos.

Credits: Porsche / You Tube.

Introducing Davy & Chapman


Today comes with a sense of pride and excitement about launching Davy & Chapman, our new creative agency. As you can imagine it takes a lot to get to this point, questioning, evaluation and sheer time and energy to really showcase who we are and what we stand for. One of the biggest challenging questions is ‘what is your point of difference’, what sets you apart from every other creative agency out there - well, for us, it’s our very personal approach, those relationships we have developed over time, the sheer determination to make sure you experience the very best and that we exceed your expectations - a personable approach - that’s what sets us apart.

Great design offers value for our clients, industry and economy and we want to work with those clients that appreciate that - it can’t work any other way. We show up each day full of inspiration and ideas and we continually challenge what resources will keep raising the bar for our body of work, which in turn gives you the best possible result.

We feel grateful that we have done, and will continue to do amazing work, experience involvement in great projects that really showcase our craft, hone our skills and of course continue to challenge us personally, professionally and creatively. It’s with an enormous sense of responsibility and pride in knowing we’re designing material that will be seen across New Zealand and the World and has an impact for our clients and their brands.

We can attribute our success to date and the ability to launch this agency by the amazing team that we surround ourselves with and the clients that allow us, and trust us to work with them, problem solve and explore the best creative solutions, tailored for them.

As creatives who are passionate about brand and the digital space and more importantly about what a clear strategic approach can deliver - we know that improved business performance comes from a strong brand, so if there is a project you would like to consider us for, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it’s scope and scale and your vision for what you want to achieve - you will very clearly see the point of difference we offer. Today is an opportunity to reaffirm that passion, placing our names to a creative agency that is different - it’s us and it’s personal.

We are Davy & Chapman.


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