Patient Advocacy

Waitemata Endoscopy is a modern, day stay endoscopy centre offering access to a group of surgeons and gastroenterologists performing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy – gastroscopy, colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopies and working together at Southern Cross Hospital North Harbour. Waitemata Endoscopy creates an inclusive patient experience, working together to provide the very best care, service and environment. As part of a repositioning strategy, we were engaged to revisit their brand and visual identity and present it in a fresh and modern way, that remains true to their values.

In the creative execution, we developed ‘WE’ as part of the visual identity, an acronym for Waitemata Endoscopy, but in doing so also gave us the opportunity to use this as a ‘unifying statement’ to be used across all written marketing collateral, setting the tone for how we communicate with the audience.

‘Having had a relationship with Mike and his team since 2008, we engaged Davy & Chapman to revitalise our brand and visual identity. The development and construction of a new facility prompted the decision to also look at our brand and understand how best to reflect the values we’re passionate about at Waitemata Endoscopy. In addition to creating a new logo and visual expression, the team at Davy & Chapman worked with us very closely to understand our strategy and direction and every step of the way have guided us with their insights and professional opinion, ultimately giving us a fantastic result that has meaning and relevance to our audience. We’re excited to be working them to rollout the brand across other collateral and with their attention to detail, willingness and passion for what they do, we know the team will deliver us a great result now and in the years ahead.’

Sarah Watson, Manager & Registered Nurse | Waitemata Endoscopy

Excellence in Design 2016

Creativity and craftsmanship is the soul of a kitchen and bathroom design project and our opportunity as an agency was to reinvent and reimagine the NKBA awards platform for 2016.

Excellence in Design 2016 is modern, fresh, bold and progressive and we’ve been involved across all touchpoints including marketing, sponsorship collateral, creative design and execution, as well social media and event planning to bring a truly cohesive and successful awards season result for the team at NKBA. Our role as an creative agency is to have NKBA be a recognisable expert in supporting the design and manufacturing community and articulating that in our approach was important to elevate that profile and awareness in the market.

Relationships and connections among our clients, our team, our industry are incredibly important to the success of our businesses and with a passion for creativity will help our businesses thrive. As a design-led and strategically driven agency, we’re proud to be working with NKBA to support the creative community, elevate the positioning and awareness of the NKBA and the Awards brand to ultimately benefit its members.

We know that with the work that designers, craftspeople, and our industry do, that the end result has an undeniable influence on our lives - the kitchen and bathroom are clearly at the heart of our homes, so they influence not only our visual environment, but how we feel, how we live and how we interact with each other and together, we’ve created a platform that is creatively distinctive, special and engaging in todays market.

With this year’s incredible results in the number of entries, greater brand awareness both through traditional and social channels, together, we’ve set a new benchmark in what NKBA can be and achieve for its members and we’re proud to be their creative agency partner. To learn more, visit NKBA.

Featured winning entries below include (from top to bottom):

- Supreme Kitchen Design Winner, proudly sponsored by Fisher & Paykel - Morgan Cronin of Cronin Kitchens

- Supreme Bathroom Design Winner, proudly sponsored by Fisher & Paykel - Detail by Davinia Sutton (Manufacturer - Fineline Joinery)

Innovation - That’s Electric.

We were approached by Mike Thompson and his team to begin looking at the process around establishing a new brand to accommodate 3 existing businesses; Teubel, Gael and Signet. We began the process of looking at the existing business, the market it operates in, the products, service expectations and the industry as a whole, always aligning back to the overarching goals of the business of what needed to be achieved. Given the nature of the electrical industry, we paid particular attention and consideration to the name, looking closely at tone, first impression and visually how it sounds in conjunction with the overall value proposition of the business and our vision for the supporting visual identity. We soon settled on ‘Trical - Innovation - That’s Electric’

Given the need to support three existing, iconic and market leading heritage brands, it was important to consider and reflect a customer centric approach for the business and its overarching brand. The identity needed to be personable, approachable, modern, yet be grounded in it’s history, spanning some 60 years and articulate the company vision of being an innovative electrical manufacturer, proud to be NZ made.

As part of building a holistic brand experience, we developed an ‘elevator pitch’ to help communicate to clients and customers the essence of Trical, the brands, their passion for being NZ made and the quality standards set by the Trical team and what they stand for:

‘We’re one of NZ’s leading suppliers of electrical enclosure and switchboard solutions including Gael, Teubel and Signet, servicing the electrical trades across industrial, commercial and residential markets. Proud to be NZ made, we’re fit for purpose; manufacturing ‘best in class’ products you can trust, supported by a passionate team.’

The end result was a modern, progressive brand identity, recognising the intrinsic value in each of the 3 iconic brands.

‘We engaged Mike and the team at Davy & Chapman as our brand agency to create and develop, a new company name, brand identity and fresh new look. We provided our mission statement, values, beliefs and a description of what we did and left them to it. They read the brief perfectly and there is very little we have changed.

Davy & Chapman are now involved in all Marketing aspects from general stationery items, signage, branding guidelines, graphics, advertising, “brand police” and the development of a new website. With an easy to understand strategic approach, they have worked closely with us to understand our business, the challenges of bringing three iconic brands together and the shift of three businesses into a new purpose built administration, engineering and manufacturing facility. It did not matter what we threw at Mike and the team, they took a proactive approach from day one, bringing creativity, fresh thinking, passion, on time, while juggling a number of tasks at once.

I am very thrilled and excited with the outcome and look forward to a continuing partnership as we build the brand further. It is very refreshing to have Mike who is so committed to the brand, the look and to have the attention to detail to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. I very much appreciate the practical advice and experience of an agency partner like Davy & Chapman and they will prove to be an integral part of our ongoing business success.’ Mike Thompson, Managing Director | Trical Limited

Shaped by love

Laidlaw College is the largest interdenominational Christian College in New Zealand, offering qualifications from certificate to doctoral level, in the areas of theology and biblical studies, mission, ministry, counselling and teacher education. As a leading education provider it was important that their brand, and in particular website reflected the style, cultural diversity, values and approach of the college.

Having had a relationship for some 5 years, we were engaged to create a seamless online user experience with a clear purpose of driving engagement among prospective students. Together with Laidlaw College we established three goals: increase conversion of prospective students to the college; highlight the key services of the college and express the energy and life the college exhibits; and finally provide a portal for all other students, staff and alumni. In an effort to better inform our strategy, we conducted a comprehensive Discovery phase, drawing on key insights that set the foundation for the website and overall digital direction. We distilled the amount of information into a logical wire framing prototype to ensure the user journey was right, with clear ‘call to actions’ along the way to enhance the experience. As one of the primary marketing tools for the college, we were able to reduce the amount of written content and engage users through the use of rich video content.

In parallel to the site’s design, we were also reviewing their existing brand strategy and the college’s marketing collateral. Combining a clean design aesthetic with personal and engaging photography, rich video content and a bold colour palette that reflects cultural diversity, we were able to develop a website that has provided a significant return on investment, through increased usability, accessibility and increased enrollments.

“Service excellence and beautifully crafted creative is what we experienced working with Mike and the team at Davy & Chapman. They truly have put their heart and soul into creating a world class website, underpinned by clear and articulate strategy and blended with passion.” Shelly Neethling, Communications and Marketing Manager | Laidlaw College.


Future Vision

As New Zealand’s leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of decorative surfaces and panel products, Laminex New Zealand’s range of products provide comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

We work in close partnership with the marketing and wider team to provide creative strategy, production and media solutions that support and grow Laminex New Zealand’s market presence. From marketing and sales collateral, through to print advertising, online, social, experiential and events, we savour the challenges inherent in the sales support and marketing of a large number of different product and services, both B2B and B2C, across a diverse number of channels.


The design experience

Our relationship with the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association (NKBA) began initially as we were engaged to develop a fresh approach to (and manage) their well established annual awards program.

The challenge was to create a leading and engaging awards platform for NKBA - this soon expanded to exploring some of the unrealised potential, not only in the awards program but within the NKBA brand itself.

Through a close partnership, we continue to develop strategies and explore opportunities that will increase the effectiveness of the NKBA brand and the annual event. These include the design of new core branding for the program, alternative event formats and categories, increased designer engagement, promotional activity, media partnerships, conference locations and experiences - plus the introduction of a VERY exciting international guest speaker (to be revealed early 2016).

With a new energy and a passion to achieve growth, we aim to bring the NKBA brand to life - helping the organisation grow, through its support and development of its members, the designers who make up a large part of New Zealand’s kitchen and bathroom industry.

World-class Golf

Breathtaking locations, rugged beauty, the ultimate courses. New Zealand Golf & Travel was born. In a saturated market where golf tours were the primary focus, our challenge was to create a brand and digital experience that clearly communicated an all inclusive, premium end-to-end experience. This for the traveller passionate about not only golf, but equally excited about our beautiful country and its endless tourism experiences, fine dining, accommodation, education and coaching opportunities.

We developed a brand that took its inspiration from the contours of the New Zealand Landscape, with a colour palette of grey, copper and green to bring together a cohesive identity, unique to the market, yet modern and engaging with its simplicity. A balance of warm and cool tones to balances energy with professionalism.

A range of special finishes were used in the printed collateral, including copper foiling and varnishes to highlight the premium experience on offer. This has been especially important when presenting at international trade shows in positioning our golf market on the global stage.

How kiwis see the world

With ever changing offers to incredible destinations, we are constantly challenged to reflect this in interesting and engaging ways to help best position the House of Travel brand. As a brand and creative agency partner, we have worked with House of Travel since 2008, working closely with the marketing and brand experience team, and outlets around the country. As a brand guardian and partner, we’re passionate about keeping consistency, creating dynamic and fresh creative and ensuring the overall success of the brand in market, playing an integral role in supporting the overall marketing of the brand.

Equipped for the world

At the very heart of the Auckland Girls’ Grammar brand is the focus and dedication to educating and equipping young girls for the world. The expression of the brand and the creative has always showcased a very personal approach, one that is proudly multi-cultural. The use of strong photography, together with their strong colour palette expresses the personality and tradition of the school.

For some 10 years now, we have had a close relationship with the school and have an intimate understanding of the brand and its progression over time. More recently we have created editorial content and advertising, together with signage and billboards to showcase the schools open day and enrolment period. Given the significant amount of school marketing in the public space, it was important to distill the creative and have clear and succinct messaging.

To be the best

Rowing New Zealand has been a valued client for a number of years and approached us to look at a fresh new format and style for their Annual Report that would embody their vision of ’To be the best rowing nation in the world’. Clean, precise design elements were used to reflect the energy, passion and determination of the athletes.

2014 has seen a number of incredible achievements operationally, professionally and strategically within Rowing New Zealand and this was reflected in the format and styling of the report.

A range of special finishes including silver foil helped realise these objectives in what has been a memorable year for Rowing New Zealand.

“I would highly recommend Davy & Chapman to any company looking for someone to quickly and efficiently tackle their marketing needs, large or small. We’ve asked them to help us with a wide range of different marketing tasks, and they have applied themselves with great efficiency and enthusiasm to all of them. It is a great pleasure to work with the Davy & Chapman team as they quickly understand what’s required and completely embrace the ethos of our organisation which makes it feel like you have an additional dedicated member in your team.” Marketing & Communications Manager | Rowing New Zealand


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