Innovation - That’s Electric.

We were approached by Mike Thompson and his team to begin looking at the process around establishing a new brand to accommodate 3 existing businesses; Teubel, Gael and Signet. We began the process of looking at the existing business, the market it operates in, the products, service expectations and the industry as a whole, always aligning back to the overarching goals of the business of what needed to be achieved. Given the nature of the electrical industry, we paid particular attention and consideration to the name, looking closely at tone, first impression and visually how it sounds in conjunction with the overall value proposition of the business and our vision for the supporting visual identity. We soon settled on ‘Trical - Innovation - That’s Electric’

Given the need to support three existing, iconic and market leading heritage brands, it was important to consider and reflect a customer centric approach for the business and its overarching brand. The identity needed to be personable, approachable, modern, yet be grounded in it’s history, spanning some 60 years and articulate the company vision of being an innovative electrical manufacturer, proud to be NZ made.

As part of building a holistic brand experience, we developed an ‘elevator pitch’ to help communicate to clients and customers the essence of Trical, the brands, their passion for being NZ made and the quality standards set by the Trical team and what they stand for:

‘We’re one of NZ’s leading suppliers of electrical enclosure and switchboard solutions including Gael, Teubel and Signet, servicing the electrical trades across industrial, commercial and residential markets. Proud to be NZ made, we’re fit for purpose; manufacturing ‘best in class’ products you can trust, supported by a passionate team.’

The end result was a modern, progressive brand identity, recognising the intrinsic value in each of the 3 iconic brands.

‘We engaged Mike and the team at Davy & Chapman as our brand agency to create and develop, a new company name, brand identity and fresh new look. We provided our mission statement, values, beliefs and a description of what we did and left them to it. They read the brief perfectly and there is very little we have changed.

Davy & Chapman are now involved in all Marketing aspects from general stationery items, signage, branding guidelines, graphics, advertising, “brand police” and the development of a new website. With an easy to understand strategic approach, they have worked closely with us to understand our business, the challenges of bringing three iconic brands together and the shift of three businesses into a new purpose built administration, engineering and manufacturing facility. It did not matter what we threw at Mike and the team, they took a proactive approach from day one, bringing creativity, fresh thinking, passion, on time, while juggling a number of tasks at once.

I am very thrilled and excited with the outcome and look forward to a continuing partnership as we build the brand further. It is very refreshing to have Mike who is so committed to the brand, the look and to have the attention to detail to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. I very much appreciate the practical advice and experience of an agency partner like Davy & Chapman and they will prove to be an integral part of our ongoing business success.’ Mike Thompson, Managing Director | Trical Limited


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