Challenging travel marketing

With our long-standing history with House of Travel and specifically relationships across their nationwide outlets, gives us an opportunity to support and challenge all marketing efforts through great design, clever thinking and a well executed approach. House of Travel is celebrating 30 years, yet another reason to communicate their exceptional deals and offers for travel around the world.

A land of new beginnings

​Jake Dromgool is a man with entrepreneurial spirit and a unrivalled passion for Northland. A love for creating Northland as a world-class wine and cuisine destination and making young Northlanders excited about the potential for the region is at the very heart of creating 144 Islands. Wine critic and WineFriend’s Chief Tasting Officer, Yvonne Lorkin had to say; “Northland has a knack for turning out pinot gris with richness and tantalising creamy textures, and this is no exception.”

Davy & Chapman was engaged to create a brand that was fresh and reflected the soul and spirit of the northland region. We began the process of developing a brand story that reflected the essence of Jake’s vision and helped shape our approach to creating an identity that was classic, yet dynamic and had movement, mimicking the relationship from land to sea. Under-pinning the visual identity was the graphic render that we created of the iconic ‘Hole in the Rock’ and Cape Brett, with a north to south perspective, giving the identity instant recognition as being a Northland born brand.

As one of New Zealand’s star young viticulturists, we’re proud to have been involved in creating a brand with charm and sass and bringing a very personal vision to life.

Being the Best

It was a significant year, celebrating 130 years as an organisation and coming off the back of the recent Olympic Games in Rio, and was an opportunity to reflect this theme across the 2016 Annual Report to showcase a dedication to being the best and the evolution of the sport, reflecting the positive way in which it represents itself in the industry.

With the use of gold tones, new design elements throughout and a very visual photographic and infographic approach, it gave us the ability to inject a fresh look and feel to a very comprehensive document.

Renovation ready

A global powerhouse, Schneider Electric’s role is to make sure that ‘Life is On’ for everyone, everywhere, at every moment. They do this by delivering connected energy and efficiency solutions in more than 100 countries.

One of the many brands they represent in New Zealand is PDL, a product brand with rich heritage and its origins firmly in Christchurch. As a supporting promotion to the brand activity, which is celebrating 80 years this year, we created a Facebook promotion to get people excited about the upcoming renovation season and featuring 3 specific areas of importance to PDL by Schneider Electric, those of Style, Smart and Safety. It gave us an opportunity to focus on stylish solutions that are smart and high tech as well as the many safety products they have that are important to feature in your home.

The underlying objective was to generate greater engagement among the audience by getting people to sign-up to Envisage, PDL’s eDM that features trends, tips, product info and general inspiration for homeowners.

Winners received renovation packs to the value of $500, plus a Resene voucher to the value of $100 across all 3 areas of Style, Smart and Safety.

They’re Re-markable showcases inspirational imagery, renovation tips and tricks, international colour and design trends as well as products, recipes and more to over 12,500 Facebook followers. We were engaged to promote Formica Writeable Surfaces to their audience in a fun and engaging way, communicating the product and it’s benefits by posing the question: What would you choose? Blackboard or whiteboard ? Circle, triangle or hexagon and getting people to comment and tag. In the posts it was important to highlight the product, it’s flexibility, durability and applications with quirky copy and clever positioning. For those lucky winners they received a customised writeable wall.

The promotion reached 38,243 fans, had 492 likes, 37 shares and over 490 comments.

Canada & Alaska calling

​Beautiful and inspiring photography combined with a compelling offer, bring together a suite of material for House of Travel, for one of their latest regional campaigns in Christchurch.

“The HOT Christchurch Region have the pleasure of using the services of Davy & Chapman for all our creative – whether it be an advert, a poster, sales flyers or expo collateral - you name it they do it! The team at Davy & Chapman are superb to deal with and often will offer a fresh perspective not previously considered. Sonya and her team always deliver on time and with precision accuracy! I really love dealing with them!”

Prue Dunbar | Marketing Manager

Modern Day Takeaway

Tasked with creating a piece to incentivise the sales team to register customers for the new sampling tool, we approached the creative concept with a modern take on good ole’ fish n’ chips.

We wanted to engage the audience through the use of the familiar - but with a twist. The pack, a branded brown paper bag, was a tribute to the modern day takeaway format for gourmet burgers etc. It contained a combination of surprise and delight elements plus vital educational information.

A handful of chocolate fish, wrapped in QuickChip branded newsprint, coupled with real potato chips in a branded chip box, were the tasty treats that accompanied QuickChip related business information. This information was presented in the form of a takeaway menu - outlining the new sampling service, an update on some of the latest product releases and a word from the new Head Chef (Laminex New Zealand’s new General Manager).

For a select group of the sales team, the whole piece was personalised and included a real lemon, with a printed belly band, which outlined details of rewards for them to get their customers signed up - the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

Uptake and engagement were high across the business as over 500 packs were distributed throughout the company to team members, key customers and supply chain stakeholders.

Fun, fresh and informative. - the DM was the key piece in introducing the revitalised brand and service.

What they said “The DM campaign has been a huge success in building not only internal team knowledge and excitement but also awareness in the market, resulting in signups by customers. The QuickChip DM even got rave reviews by our digital and communications team at Formica North America! Another great result from working with the team at Davy & Chapman.”

Kelly Cook | Laminex New Zealand Digital Marketing Manager.

Patient Advocacy

Waitemata Endoscopy is a modern, day stay endoscopy centre offering access to a group of surgeons and gastroenterologists performing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy – gastroscopy, colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopies and working together at Southern Cross Hospital North Harbour. Waitemata Endoscopy creates an inclusive patient experience, working together to provide the very best care, service and environment. As part of a repositioning strategy, we were engaged to revisit their brand and visual identity and present it in a fresh and modern way, that remains true to their values.

In the creative execution, we developed ‘WE’ as part of the visual identity, an acronym for Waitemata Endoscopy, but in doing so also gave us the opportunity to use this as a ‘unifying statement’ to be used across all written marketing collateral, setting the tone for how we communicate with the audience.

‘Having had a relationship with Mike and his team since 2008, we engaged Davy & Chapman to revitalise our brand and visual identity. The development and construction of a new facility prompted the decision to also look at our brand and understand how best to reflect the values we’re passionate about at Waitemata Endoscopy. In addition to creating a new logo and visual expression, the team at Davy & Chapman worked with us very closely to understand our strategy and direction and every step of the way have guided us with their insights and professional opinion, ultimately giving us a fantastic result that has meaning and relevance to our audience. We’re excited to be working them to rollout the brand across other collateral and with their attention to detail, willingness and passion for what they do, we know the team will deliver us a great result now and in the years ahead.’

Sarah Watson, Manager & Registered Nurse | Waitemata Endoscopy

Excellence in Design 2016

Creativity and craftsmanship is the soul of a kitchen and bathroom design project and our opportunity as an agency was to reinvent and reimagine the NKBA awards platform for 2016.

Excellence in Design 2016 is modern, fresh, bold and progressive and we’ve been involved across all touchpoints including marketing, sponsorship collateral, creative design and execution, as well social media and event planning to bring a truly cohesive and successful awards season result for the team at NKBA. Our role as an creative agency is to have NKBA be a recognisable expert in supporting the design and manufacturing community and articulating that in our approach was important to elevate that profile and awareness in the market.

Relationships and connections among our clients, our team, our industry are incredibly important to the success of our businesses and with a passion for creativity will help our businesses thrive. As a design-led and strategically driven agency, we’re proud to be working with NKBA to support the creative community, elevate the positioning and awareness of the NKBA and the Awards brand to ultimately benefit its members.

We know that with the work that designers, craftspeople, and our industry do, that the end result has an undeniable influence on our lives - the kitchen and bathroom are clearly at the heart of our homes, so they influence not only our visual environment, but how we feel, how we live and how we interact with each other and together, we’ve created a platform that is creatively distinctive, special and engaging in todays market.

With this year’s incredible results in the number of entries, greater brand awareness both through traditional and social channels, together, we’ve set a new benchmark in what NKBA can be and achieve for its members and we’re proud to be their creative agency partner. To learn more, visit NKBA.

Featured winning entries below include (from top to bottom):

- Supreme Kitchen Design Winner, proudly sponsored by Fisher & Paykel - Morgan Cronin of Cronin Kitchens

- Supreme Bathroom Design Winner, proudly sponsored by Fisher & Paykel - Detail by Davinia Sutton (Manufacturer - Fineline Joinery)

Innovation - That’s Electric.

We were approached by Mike Thompson and his team to begin looking at the process around establishing a new brand to accommodate 3 existing businesses; Teubel, Gael and Signet. We began the process of looking at the existing business, the market it operates in, the products, service expectations and the industry as a whole, always aligning back to the overarching goals of the business of what needed to be achieved. Given the nature of the electrical industry, we paid particular attention and consideration to the name, looking closely at tone, first impression and visually how it sounds in conjunction with the overall value proposition of the business and our vision for the supporting visual identity. We soon settled on ‘Trical - Innovation - That’s Electric’

Given the need to support three existing, iconic and market leading heritage brands, it was important to consider and reflect a customer centric approach for the business and its overarching brand. The identity needed to be personable, approachable, modern, yet be grounded in it’s history, spanning some 60 years and articulate the company vision of being an innovative electrical manufacturer, proud to be NZ made.

As part of building a holistic brand experience, we developed an ‘elevator pitch’ to help communicate to clients and customers the essence of Trical, the brands, their passion for being NZ made and the quality standards set by the Trical team and what they stand for:

‘We’re one of NZ’s leading suppliers of electrical enclosure and switchboard solutions including Gael, Teubel and Signet, servicing the electrical trades across industrial, commercial and residential markets. Proud to be NZ made, we’re fit for purpose; manufacturing ‘best in class’ products you can trust, supported by a passionate team.’

The end result was a modern, progressive brand identity, recognising the intrinsic value in each of the 3 iconic brands.

‘We engaged Mike and the team at Davy & Chapman as our brand agency to create and develop, a new company name, brand identity and fresh new look. We provided our mission statement, values, beliefs and a description of what we did and left them to it. They read the brief perfectly and there is very little we have changed.

Davy & Chapman are now involved in all Marketing aspects from general stationery items, signage, branding guidelines, graphics, advertising, “brand police” and the development of a new website. With an easy to understand strategic approach, they have worked closely with us to understand our business, the challenges of bringing three iconic brands together and the shift of three businesses into a new purpose built administration, engineering and manufacturing facility. It did not matter what we threw at Mike and the team, they took a proactive approach from day one, bringing creativity, fresh thinking, passion, on time, while juggling a number of tasks at once.

I am very thrilled and excited with the outcome and look forward to a continuing partnership as we build the brand further. It is very refreshing to have Mike who is so committed to the brand, the look and to have the attention to detail to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. I very much appreciate the practical advice and experience of an agency partner like Davy & Chapman and they will prove to be an integral part of our ongoing business success.’ Mike Thompson, Managing Director | Trical Limited


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